Schedule (updated 2/16)

This schedule is merely a guide as to when you may find me. Always check my listings first! 

All times are Pacific Time. All times are approximate:  I may not always be on according to this schedule--and it's possible that I may be on when I'm not scheduled to be available. Check my listings first!

BEST TIMES TO REACH ME, Spring 2016: Daytime 10 am - 6pm on weekdays, M-F.   Some evenings until 11pm. Some weekends, most likely Sunday afternoon and evening. I turn my listings off when I am not available. Do not worry about waking me.

Appointments: if you'd like to schedule an appointment for a time when I'm not usually available, email me via NiteFlirt, by clicking below:

Call Button

Hypnosis callers:  I shut off my hypnosis listing when I am too fatigued to take hypnosis calls. If you'd like a hypnosis session, I suggest that you call before 1 am. However if my hypnosis listing is on later than that, JUST CALL ME! Don't email and ask me if I'm taking calls--I'm probably in bed, watching TV, reading or .... feel free to interrupt!

Hint--the easiest way to view this calendar is to look at  the Week view.


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