Monday, June 18, 2012

Erotic Hypnosis

A lot of you guys are curious about erotic hypnosis, and I don't blame you!  You've probably wondered about what it would be like to have your mind controlled after seeing hypnosis used in a sexy movie or TV show, like True Blood, where gorgeous vampires "glamour" their potential victims into doing their bidding. It's really any submissive's dream! Hypnosis gives the dominant all of the control, leaving the submissive with none of the culpability!

Hypnosis is nothing more than making suggestions to the mind while the body is in a deeply relaxed state--sometimes known as a trance. No two hypnosis sessions are alike, and no two hypnotists work exactly the same way. Still, I'd like to give you a general idea of what you might expect during a hypnosis session with me. I start by making sure that you're completely comfortable.

Preparing for your hypnosis session

Make sure that the room is a pleasant temperature, and that you're resting comfortably, in a recliner or in your bed. If you choose to wear clothes, they should be loose fitting and soft. Ideally, you'll use a headset so that you won't have to worry about holding a phone to your ear. Also this leaves your hands free for other things--things I may command you to do once you're in a trance. Lastly, make sure you've purchased adequate time on NiteFlirt for your hypnosis session. At the very minimum, I recommend 40 minutes for a first time session; subsequent sessions can be shorter--20 or 30 minutes.This is a special time for you to relax, so indulge yourself. If you're new to NiteFlirt, you'll get 3 free minutes!

I'll ask you to tell me your goals, desires and expectations for your hypnosis session. Be prepared to tell me what it is you truly desire from the session--even if you fear that it may not be possible and that it's just a fantasy. If you simply want to wake up naked, having had an orgasm, that can be easily achieved. If you're a man who has always wanted to know what it's like to feel like a woman, tell me all about your ideal feminized self--what she looks like, how she behaves, and how she feels about it. Of course, if you leave it open to me, be forewarned that I can be very mischievous, and you may end up having done (or may continue to do) some strange things! Consider the cautionary tale of the caller of a Flirt friend of mine, Sweet Mistress Sara! If this sounds a little scary, remember that the subconscious mind, the part of your brain that's in control during hypnosis, won't allow you to do anything that you wouldn't truly want to do.

Now, to begin!..

I talk you through a process known as progressive relaxation starting from your toes and moving up to your head, telling you to breath deep, inhaling and exhaling, while you tense and relax different parts of your body. Once you're fully relaxed, and pain and tension are minimized in your body, it's much easier to gain cooperation from your mind.

From here, I use guided imagery, describing a rich sensory experience, to bring you into the desired type of trance. Your relaxed mind is so prone to suggestion that many people report that they actually felt or experienced the situations described while under hypnosis, even though they may not have actually happened in any place other than your imagination. While under a trance, I may implant trigger words or concepts to condition a particular behavior, often to deepen hypnosis for a future session. I may also bring you out of your trance, perhaps to discuss a particular goal or to add more time, and then have you re-enter it (all with your consent), this time deepening the hypnotic state. This is known as fractionation.

The hypnosis session ends by bringing you out of your trance, awake and aware of the world around you. Unless you request otherwise, you will remember the details of the session. You should be able to go about your day as you normally would, although you may need to take a shower, and put your clothes back on!

Dare to enter the world of erotic hypnosis?

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  1. My girlfriend just called and told me that she scheduled an appointment with somebody called an "Erotic Hypnotherapist." She didn't elaborate any further, just said that it was in three hours and that I was in for a surprise...I've never put much stock in hypnosis, but have never tried it...and to have a total stranger in my head, messing with my sex drive, desires, etc? It's intriguing, but at the same time, I am terrified. Any insight?
    hypnotherapy training

    1. Michael, I hope you trust your girlfriend a lot as surprises really should never be a part of hypnosis, without trust anyway. She could turn you into a panty wearing sissy maid, for all you know! I'm joking. As I said, it's unlikely that you'll agree to anything you wouldn't ordinarily want to do while conscious, while under hypnosis. So don't worry.. relax and enjoy the experience. I hope it's fun!