Friday, October 5, 2012

Miss Betty, Are You a Real Domme or a Pretend Domme?

An open letter to a caller who wishes to learn to serve. 

This afternoon,  a first time caller to my hypnosis listing called me, using an approach that I almost always find offensive. He was interviewing me, inquiring about whether I really enjoyed the the interests I've written about in my listings, or if I was pandering. For the record, I thought it might be useful to post a modified version of the email I sent to him later in the day. 
Dear caller, 
I was thinking about our discussion this afternoon.  You seem like a bright guy who is seeking a genuine experience, but I'm not sure that your approach is going to get you what you're wanting--on NiteFlirt, or anywhere.  
If someone calls me, and I don't think that we'll get along, the call doesn't last very long. You've experienced this yourself.  I was, however, impressed by how respectfully you ended the call. Most guys just hang up. Instead, you very graciously thanked me for my time. So that's why I'm writing.
 I think that you're trying, but I'm not so sure you're in the right mind frame to find a truly dominant lady  vs. someone who is pretending to be one.  You almost demanded that I prove myself not to not be disingenuous. You're smart enough to know that on NiteFlirt, which is a pay-to-play phone sex experience, any woman you call is likely to bend herself to your needs to win your business.  I could have very easily identified your desires and told you what you wanted to hear.  If you find a Mistress who does, more power to her, and good luck to you learning to serve, as you'll have a very top-from-the-bottom experience.  As it should be---you are, after all, paying for it, right?  
NiteFlirt is filled with women who have inexpensive rates and anything goes types of listings. I am not one of them. My listings are on very specific topics. My rates are par with other competent, intelligent NiteFlirt Mistresses. My feedback is consistently excellent from a variety of regular, articulate callers.  Like any person who works for a living, I do my job for a variety of reasons--that I happen to enjoy it  comes through. I like to think that I might be good at it.   I have very deep, lasting and fulfilling relationships with some of my regular callers.    
So when you asked me about whether I was pandering,  I found the question to be insulting.   "Miss, prove to me that you're not just doing this kind of work for the money" is what I heard.  See the conundrum?   And no, you weren't that direct, but you were pretty close to it.  
The last thing you said to me, before thanking me for my time (and again--that was very refreshing) was: "Perhaps I like to dream."  Please do. Phone sex is land of fantasy, smoke and mirrors. Don't go poking about and asking phone Dommes if they are truly firm behind their corsets.  If you like the way that she presents, submit yourself-- try a session.  You will have a much more enjoyable time, you'll learn more, and you'll learn to serve much more quickly.  The callers who see what's behind my corset are the ones who take the time to invest themselves with me, the ones who truly submit--the ones who approach me with a high level of respect, right from the outset.
You asked me what kind of submissive I enjoy--and to answer: one who is aware of his desires and who presents himself as such.   Try: "Miss, I am a submissive male interested in the following: [.... ]. Do you think that I might be suited to serve you?"
Talk for a while. Get to know me.  You may be surprised at how real I am.  

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