Saturday, August 4, 2012

Those Really Dirty Fantasies

Last night I had a rather long call with a caller I've spoken with once before--I'll call him Jason. Jason, like many of my NiteFlirt callers, is happily involved in a relationship, but has found himself alone on a few nights, and feeling full of sexual energy. Like many of the men I speak with, he's sensitive, articulate, highly intelligent, and full of desires that he's not entirely comfortable expressing. For Jason to talk about his desires to "slap a woman in the face" with his "massive hard cock" or to refer to women as "sex slaves" or "sluts," is truly a challenge--it simply isn't in Jason's considerate world view. For him to objectify his own sex organs, as well, doesn't sit well with him, intellectually. But, it turns him on.

"Is this okay, Betty?" he asked me during our call, as we perused photos together of "monster cocks" and women with enormous breasts through Google image search (with safe filtering off). I reassured him that exploring our baser desires is exactly what phone sex is all about.

I found myself unusually aroused by the call. I'm not submissive, and throughout the call, I wasn't put in a submissive role. If anything, I was guiding Jason through his exploration of dominance. It reminded me of the unsure footing I felt when I first took on the role. It reminded me of how absolutely filthy it felt to objectify and use another person for my pleasure. And how expressing these kinds of desires can reveal a vicious, primal side of ourselves that we may not feel entirely okay claiming.

Do you have desires that you're not completely comfortable exploring? I hope you'll consider calling me!

Please remember that I have limits, and NiteFlirt has rules. Under no circumstances will I discuss or speak with anyone under the age of 18 (not even in the context of a memory). In addition, I cannot talk about or role play a relative (blood or step), nor will I have anything to do with calls involving: age play, animals, excrement, vomit, mutilation, racism, or any variety of nonconsensual sex.

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