Thursday, August 30, 2012

Betty's Bawdy Back-to-School Special!

Naughty School Boy Fantasies?
Are you hot for teacher?

You may have noticed my absence over the past week or so. I've not been around as often as I'd like! Did you miss me?

As fall approaches, the school year begins, causing some adjustments to my schedule. If I am not available when you would like, send me an email either at NiteFlirt or here on gmail to schedule an appointment!

I'm teaching a few classes this term. Being back at school, in late August when the weather is still hot and everyone is wearing skin baring clothes--a nice sheen of sweat glistening off their toned, tan bodies--well, it got me thinking about some naughty school boy fantasies.

So imagine having me as your teacher, for, say, "Human Sexuality." Perhaps you would need to come to my office to get some clarification on a few topics that are evading you. I suggest that perhaps you would learn better if I offered a demonstration.

Or maybe you've been slacking off all term, thinking that you'd get by on your good looks. I can appreciate a hot body and handsome face, but if you want to get a good grade, you're going to have to prove to me that you have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Of course, you will be expected to perform well on the mandatory oral.

Here are some of the topics on this term's syllabus:

  • Masturbation
  • Sexual Fantasies
  • Sexual orientation, including bisexuality and homosexuality
  • Kinky sex: Bondage, Dominance and submission, Sadism and masochism, BDSM
  • Sexual Deviation: fetishes and paraphilias
  • Cross Dressing: Do you know what it feels like for a girl?
  • Pegging, or harnesses, lube & strap-on dildos, oh my!
  • Polyamory, group sex, swinging, open relationships & cuckholding
  • Erotic Humiliation
  • Penis size - is it significant?
  • Prostitution

What would you do to make the grade?

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