Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are you as Gay as Berri The Fairy?

Please note! Berri is they type of caller who eroticizes, enjoys and requests humiliation and exposure. I am bisexual. I would never seriously ridicule someone for being gay or bi. However, for a lot of callers, the social stigma around homosexuality emphasizes it as a taboo, making it feel even dirtier. If you're struggling with your sexual identity, please trust that you can call and be understood with respect and sensitivity.

One of my NiteFlirt callers, known as Berri Gay, has requested that he be "owned" by me. I'm all for it. Why? Well I could use a little sissy fag like Berri to paint my toenails, and do all my chores. I already know what a pervert he is, so if I ever have a man's cum in my panties, or on my sheets, I know that Berri will "pre spot" the fabric by licking it clean first. It's okay--I hear saliva is a wonderful enzymatic cleaner for organic protein stains, and if that's the price I must pay for clean laundry, so be it.

However, now it's up to Berri to come up with his end of the deal. You see, every time Berri calls, he sings me a little song that goes like this:

I'm Barry McKay the Fairy Fag and I want Brett to make me gag.
Well I admit, I don't remember all the lyrics. That's why I want Berri to make a little video of himself, using a cell phone or whatever and send it to me to post up here on my blog. I want him in a dress and earrings, singing the song for us. And he needs to pony up with the lyrics.

Every time Berri calls me, he seems surprised that I remember him. Well, Berri is sort of like an annoying little bit of sand that gets stuck in your sandal--even though it's small, you notice it. Luckily Berri is more amusing than annoying, except when he hangs up in shame, after you remind him that you know a lot about him--enough to hunt him down and really embarrass the shit out of him, if you wanted to. I'd much rather that Berri admit that he likes the humiliation and step up to the plate and just offer me what I want.

What do you think? Do you want to see/hear Berri singing his faggy little song? Do you have a faggy song about yourself to sing? Or is there something, like Berri that you do that qualifies as exceptionally gay?

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